November 19, 2020

Isaiah the Gray, Part 29


Who is “Us”?

“Who is “us”? replies Isaiah, to no one in particular.

The voices in Isaiah’s head echo in his mind’s eye. “We are the Light, the Yin to the Darkness’ Yang. We go by many names, Isaiah the Gray. You are here…at the fount dedicated to the Light. A component of the test set forth by by those who wanted to know.”

Isaiah tries to discern the voices’ meaning but can’t quite parse their intent.

“So what will you do, now that you’re here?” ask the Voices of Light.

“What did you refer to me as?” asks Isaiah, skeptically.

“You are Isaiah the Gray, the test-taker, the judge, the one with the power over balance. That is who the Force says you are,” replies the Voices.

Isaiah pauses for a few moments, ensuring he doesn’t rush the conversation in a desire to get answers. “What can you tell me about my place in this test?” he asks.

“Nothing more than you already know. Simply live out your choices and the ancients’ test will be complete,” replies the Voices of Light.

The Status Quo is a Choice

“How can that be true?” says Isaiah. “I could simply do nothing.”

“The status quo is a choice after all, isn’t it?” replies the Voices.

Isaiah remains still for a few more moments, allowing the Voices’ words, and the incredible Force density of the room, to wash over him.

“I wish to be free,” he says. “Nothing more, nothing less.”

The Voices of Light are silent. Lacking a different direction, Isaiah decides to approach the Catalyst. Staring into its abyss, he taps into the its seemingly infinite Force reservoir. A magnificent stream of divine energy wraps itself around Isaiah’s soul like a warm blanket on a cold night.

Isaiah feels and lives deeply in those moments. But he makes his decision: Isaiah breaks free of these powerful feelings of warmth, comfort, and joy and draws the Catalyst’s power into his being, absorbing its tremendous energy and potential.

Isaiah sits in meditation to collect his thoughts. Roshannon Darek appears in his mind’s eye and Isaiah is able to see her without the scars of life on her being…her full potential. Having been absorbed by the Catalyst – which now resides within Isaiah – Roshannon’s being is, in some ways, now inside of him.

“What an incredible waste,” Isaiah thinks to himself as he stands and walks outside the Catalyst room, brimming with even more extraordinary power and Force potential.