April 9, 2020

Isaiah the Gray, Part 7

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Into the Fire

Isaiah and Jimmy C share a puzzled look and stare through the main screen: with the legendary Korriban as its backdrop, a predator of a ship, clad in a gunmetal gray, seems to stare back at them.

“Out of the frying pan and into the fire, Commander…,” says Jimmy.

“Who are they?” asks Isaiah, to no one in particular.

“I don’t know,” says Jimmy, “but I do recognize the ship’s design.”

“Well now we’re getting somewhere,” says Isaiah, turning to his compatriot.

“Several years ago, I was given a maximum-security assignment. During my research, I found myself looking through ship’s schematics in the Czerka database. This ship was there although the vast majority of the information on it was incomplete. Couldn’t shake that particular memory…I don’t think even Czerka knew who these folks are…”

Invisible to All

Isaiah looks puzzled.

“Another mystery. Hmm. Why can’t they see us?” he asks.

“This ship is equipped with a Galaxy-class cloaking device,” responds the ship’s AI as-if on cue. “We are entirely undetectable.”

“Some good news at least,” says Isaiah, happy to finally get something positive going.

“But why send us here?” asks Jimmy. “What is They after? Korriban has be deserted for a century.”

“Well, we won’t learn much by just sitting here. We ought to take a closer look,” responds Isaiah.

The AI swiftly interjects, “I believe I can help with that, Commander.”

“You know my title?” asks Isaiah.

The AI responds, “Isaiah Gray has been listed as the Commander of this vessel in this ship’s registry. As the commanding officer and ship’s owner, he is entitled to give orders of this ship at his discretion. Your title in my database is “Commander.” Would you like that changed?”

Both Isaiah and Jimmy share a concerned look.

“No, that’s fine,” says Isaiah. “Something to dig into further when we get back, Jimmy. Now, tell me how we can get on that ship.”

Taking the Next Step

“Commander, if yourself and Jimmy C could please get into the Away Pod, I will ensure your safety until you’re on board,” answers the AI.

Directional lights in the hallway flash, indicating the path Isaiah and Jimmy should follow. And not having any better ideas, both men comply and walk to the aft portion of the ship, passing both the impressive armory and med bay along the way. They both make mental notes to fully explore the ship upon their return.

At the rear of the ship, a pod built for up to four people is nestled into a torpedo tube. A bit apprehensively, Isaiah and Jimmy climb on-board and strap themselves in.

“You won’t feel a thing,” says the AI over the intercom, not exactly putting either man more at ease.

With an odd, loud popping noise, the Away Pod is ejected from the ship. Entirely surrounded by space, the two men are momentarily overcome by the beauty of the surrounding scenery. Especially with the pod cloak similarly cloaked to their ship, it feels as though Isaiah and Jimmy are floating in space. As they come to their senses, the ships’s AI remotely guides the pod to the mystery ship’s main cargo bay door.

Over the intercom, Isaiah and Jimmy hear AI’s voice, “Remotely accessing ship systems…Success. Opening cargo bay door.”

The two men see the cargo bay door opening and, moments later, their cloaked ship into the hold.

“That’s quite a piece of hacking, AI,” says Jimmy, genuinely impressed.

“I do come equipped with the most powerful algorithms in the business,” says the AI, who, if the two men didn’t know better, sounds like they take pride in their work.

The invisible Away Pod navigates above some gawking dock-hands who rush to close the bay door. And a few moments later, the Away Pod simultaneously de-cloaks and perfectly blends in with its surroundings, taking on cargo camouflage.

Still strapped in, Jimmy C turns to Isaiah and asks, “Well, where to next?”

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