April 2, 2020

Isaiah the Gray, Part 6

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What Have They Done?

Devastation. As their spacecraft hurtles through the upper atmosphere of Coruscant, Isaiah and Jimmy see the horrific scale the collapse of the Czerka World Headquarters building has brought to the planet’s surface. For many, many miles, there is nothing but a massive plume of ash. Fires have sprouted up everywhere and throngs of emergency vehicles fly to and fro.

Nothing in either of their lives has compared to a tragedy on this scale. Not knowing quite else how to react, Isaiah and Jimmy look to one another and then, momentarily, to the ground.

But a familiar voice echoes behind them, “As always, the choice is yours.”

Who is They?

They turn and find the hundred-faced man, his robes obscuring his face from view.

Isaiah’s bitterness returns in a flash, “Who are you? What the fuck happened back there??”

Jimmy stands, his hand on his blaster rifle.

“I am They,” responds the many-faced man. “And now, my part to play in the inertia of your life is complete. Be well.”

Before Isaiah or Jimmy can react, They waves their hand and an overwhelming feeling of drowsiness overcomes both Isaiah and Jimmy. Almost immediately, they both fall into a deep slumber and fall to the floor, unconscious.

A New Friend

The steady hum of the ship’s engine is all that’s heard as both Isaiah and Jimmy awake.

“How long were we out?” asks Jimmy of Isaiah.

“It has been 3 days, 12 hours, 9 minutes, and 10 seconds since you were both last conscious,” replies an unseen voice which seems to surround the two men.

“Who said that?” shouts Isaiah.

The unseen voice echoes through the ship’s intercom.

“I am the AI, responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and operation of this ship. I have been monitoring your vital signs since you lost consciousness.”

Isaiah and Jimmy C give each other a wary look as they become acutely aware of their hunger and thirst.

“Computer,” says Isaiah, “provide us with our exact location.”


The AI responds, “This ship is in near orbit to the Korriban system. Only one other ship is on our scanners in the vicinity.”

“Identify the ship,” commands Jimmy.

“I cannot,” responds the AI, “as the ship does not match any known design configurations in my database.”

Isaiah and Jimmy C share a puzzled look and stare out the main viewer: with the legendary Korriban as its backdrop, a predator of a ship, clad in a pure gray color, seems to stare back at them.

“Out of the frying pan and into the fire, Commander…,” says Jimmy.

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