November 12, 2023

Five Things to Know Before Getting Started With Your First Tabletop Role-playing Game, Part Five.

Making Choices

At the end of the day, playing stories all boils down to one really key part. Making choices and reacting to the consequences of those choices, whether they’re positive or negative or somewhere in between. Let’s say that I am a knight and I am trying to find a object sacred to my kingdom and I’ve gone through some sort of Arthurian legend. I’m in the, you know, the end of the woods and I have to make a decision with a tree who’s trying to communicate with me and tell me that the object is hidden at its roots and in order to take it back I must kill the tree.

On the one hand, right, I could save my kingdom and bring the object back and earn glory, but on the other hand I might kill this sentient magical creature which might have untold negative conflicts in the story and in the woods. So what choice do I make? I am that knight. I’m in their mind. What do I do? Right? That is the crux of every story you’re gonna play in any type of story in any genre the magic the real magic of you as a player and as a group of people around you is making choices in a group in a story that grows and evolves together right has a story together right that’s really it all the rules and dice that all comes along from the ride but the core of the process is you making choices and in our everyday life you are already used to that. Good, bad, or otherwise, you are used to it. So that’s literally all you need to get started. And that’s your five.