November 17, 2023

Would-be Best TTRPG Players, Part 5: Avery Brooks

Any artist in the past 50 years who would be a perfect player in an ideal TTRPG party…

Part 5, Player 5. So this one to me, I think is 100% slept on. For folks that have followed this channel for a decent amount of time, you know I’m a huge nerd. I grew up watching Star Trek The Next Generation, so you might think I might say someone like Patrick Stewart, but I am 100% with complete conviction going Avery Brooks.

To me, Avery Brooks is one of the great slept on geniuses in science fiction of the past 50 years. When I think of Avery Brooks, to me he’s the ideal, moral, and spiritual center of a team. I think what he’s able to convey is a brilliant style of leadership, of focus, and having high standards.

I think he is such a wonderful actor, such a wonderful man, and what he brought to life at Ben Sisko, I think is extraordinary and frankly I think it deserves a great deal more credit than he actually receives and that’s why he’s number five on this list.