November 16, 2023

Would-be Best TTRPG Players, Part 4: Michelle Yeoh

Any artist in the past 50 years who would be a perfect player in an ideal TTRPG party…

Part four, player four, Michelle Yeoh. So when I think of Michelle Yeoh, I think of obvious, the obvious things are her martial ability, her speed, her prowess. But I think the other things that she really deserves to be had in the same breath are her determination, her skill, her talent, her spirituality, that she can juggle with a great deal of sophistication and nuance.

I think she would also be an extraordinary player at a tabletop role playing game table. I think that she could bring to life an amazing set of characters under myriad different circumstances. And I think that she should not be slept on as someone that you would want at your ideal table. No question about it.