November 11, 2023

Five Things to Know Before Getting Started With Your First Tabletop Role-playing Game, Part Four

The Rules Are There To Help

Yes, there are rules, but they’re easier than you think. Let me explain. So in the most famous tabletop role-playing game system in the world, which is called Dungeons and Dragons, where many of us got our start, right? There is actually several hundred pages of rules. And at first, that might seem super intimidating, but really the rules boil down to how you can facilitate choices in a story contextually, right? To make it streamlined and fair.

And then the opposite end of the spectrum, there are systems like ours that store together, and our system is called StoryNite, that are really meant to help welcome and ingratiate brand new players into this really wonderful art form and hobby we call tabletop stories, right? So I promise, if you have this thirst and appetite to really dive in head first, systems like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder, Shadow of the Demon Lord and many, many others are perfect for you and I promise they will not take too long to learn. Where if you really want to be welcomed in the process and be given those tools, right, to adopt any system very quickly, then maybe our system is right for you. But either way, just know it is not hard. You can come in in any shape, form or fashion and you will be welcomed. I promise.