November 17, 2023

Would-be Best TTRPG Players, Part 6: Zendaya

Any artist in the past 50 years who would be a perfect player in an ideal TTRPG party…

Part six, player six, at an ideal party of tabletop role playing game players. Zendaya. Zendaya can quite literally do anything. Act, sing, dance. She can play just about any role, or maybe even literally any role. I think she can improv with the best of them. I think she has a wisdom beyond her years. I think that she has a level of skill and talent that comes along once or twice every generation.

I think in a tabletop role-playing game setting, we are getting into all sorts of ridiculous shenanigans and tensioning against hilarious shenanigans. Wherever you are in that journey, you need a glue, the glue, right? I think Zendaya would be the literal ideal glue to any tabletop role-playing game party. I think she could bring to life such an unbelievable nuance to her characters. I really, really think that she should give it a shot. 

Let me know what you think of all these characters in the comments, and as you know, God willing, there are many, many, many different players that you could add. Right? This is just a top six. There could be many, many different top six. I may even make more lists down the road. So let me know who else you would put in these places and we can go from there…