November 15, 2023

Would-be Best TTRPG Players, Part 3: David Bowie

Any artist in the past 50 years who would be a perfect player in an ideal TTRPG party…

Part three, player three, David Bowie. All right, I know what you’re thinking, we are getting all over the place right now, but that’s exactly what you need to do to round out a well sort of balanced party.

See, David Bowie was this sort of genius, iconoclast. He had this incredible charisma and style. He’s obviously deeply musically talented. I think if he were at the table, he would just be 100% of the time the coolest person in the room. And would help the party perhaps into amazing situations and perhaps get them into all sorts of other situations depending on the role-playing moment.

I think David Bowie would have been a truly extraordinary tabletop role playing game player.