March 26, 2020

Isaiah the Gray, Part 5

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There’s Work to Be Done

As Isaiah is about to enter the executive suite of Czerka Corporation world headquarters, he senses a tremendous reservoir of force energy within Jimmy C. But, digging deeper, Isaiah is shocked when he realizes that the force within Jimmy feels exactly like his own.⠀

Isaiah turns to the ship. The hundred-faced man sits atop the gangplank. Isaiah’s passion for retribution is instantly reinvigorated.

“Come Jimmy. There’s work to be done,” he says.

Jimmy C nods and signals that he’s ready to go. Isaiah looks around: there’s a massive, ostentatious entrance inside Headquarters. He motions for Jimmy to follow.

The Hangar

The two men shove open the gigantic doors, revealing a spacious hangar bay inside which occupies the whole of the top floor of the epic skyscraper. The ceiling retracts and light pours in.

Nearly a hundred of Czerka’s finest mercenaries, waiting in rank and file, stare up at the sky as a huge, high-tech spacecraft descends to the ground. The gangplank retracts. A nearly seven-foot tall human woman, bedecked in some of the galaxy’s finest power armor, glides onto the steps.

“My comrades,” she begins, “we have made a glorious breakthrough. One which will setup Czerka for success for generations to come!”

Huzzahs echo off the walls of the room. The now-familiar itch of revenge similarly rattles around Isaiah’s mind.

“We’re going to have some fun, Jimmy,” says Isaiah.

Seemingly shot out of a cannon, Isaiah blasts forward toward the rank and file. The mercenaries waste no time displaying their elite training and turn in unison, firing several, disciplined volleys at the onrushing Isaiah.

For each volley that comes his way, Isaiah uses a concentrated shock-wave of Force energy to knock the blaster fire away in different directions. And because of the wall’s reflective materiel, some of the bolts rebound toward the mercenary squad, injuring some of their number. Arriving at their position, Isaiah pings from group to group, devastating their rank and file with his shock-wave’s laser-like precision.

A Terrible Mistake

From a distance, Jimmy observes the proceedings. As he watches Isaiah’s masterful work, a growing sense of failure at being unable to help builds inside him. And just moments later, that feeling comes to a head: in his mind, Jimmy meditates, gathering all the newfound force energy inside, and tries to send every ounce of it at the leader’s spacecraft.

Being completely new at using such power, however, Jimmy accidentally sends every ounce of his Force potential downward. The tremendous volume of energy travels through the main beams of the building and all the way through – and into – the ground many, many stories below. A look of horror on overcomes Jimmy’s face as a thundering series of cracks resound all around the hangar. Instantly, the massive structure they’re all in begins to buckle and start to sway.

Isaiah instantly realizes what’s taken place and flies to Jimmy’s side, knocking him out of his shocked trance.

“Jimmy! We’re leaving!” yells Isaiah as he grabs Jimmy by the shoulder.

The massive skyscraper begins to severely list to the side as the duo exits to the helipad. Their ship hasn’t tumbled to the ground below only due to the magnetic locks keeping it in place.

Choices Have Consequences

With the mega-structure moments away from total collapse, Isaiah and Jimmy board their craft and take off. With the Hundred-Faced man looking-on, Isaiah sits Jimmy down. He’s hyperventilating, muttering to himself.

A half-minute later, with the ship safely in the sky about to break orbit, Isaiah looks out of he window. Czerka Headquarters, the third largest building on a planet completely covered in one giant city cracks in two. Both halves hit the ground nearly simultaneously, sending vast shock-waves reverberating all around.

The ship breaches the atmosphere and the starry void of space greets Isaiah’s completely stunned visage. An almost incomprehensible devastation down on the surface below is easily seen from lower orbit. Isaiah and Jimmy look to one another: what have they done?

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