March 13, 2020

Isaiah the Gray, Part 4

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Lift Off

The gangplank down, Isaiah purposely strides into the ship and takes a seat near the aft observation area. With a wave of his hand, the many-faced man closes the bay door. Isaiah takes one last look at his former place of employment as the ship is sealed.

The sight triggers a memory: Czerka Corporation owns the company Isaiah works for – they’re just as responsible for this horrible state of affairs. Reacting to Isaiah’s thought, the ship takes off and gets into low orbit. Looking out the window at the planet-wide city, it’s clear that they’re headed for the Czerka Corporation world headquarters, the third largest building on all of Coruscant.

Isaiah stares stares outside the window, many thousands of feet above the chaos of Coruscant. With the ship cloaked, the planet-wide city below now comes into focus for the first time in his life. The thought hits him: is this whole experience real?⠀

But Isaiah hears the Hundred Faced man in his mind, “Do not waver. Continue to act on what you believe is right.”

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Stone-faced, his vigor renewed, Isaiah stands as the craft a lands on the heli-pad atop the Czerka Corporation world headquarters, the third largest building on the whole planet.⠀

The ship de-cloaks and alarms immediately begin to blare. Isaiah, laser-focused on retribution, walks down the gangplank as four top-tier Czerka Corporation mercenaries approach.

Flames dancing in his eyes, Isaiah sends a massive force blast their way, sending three careening off the side of the building. The fourth though, is entirely unaffected. Isaiah is shocked: he’s sure it was a direct hit. ⠀

The man takes a knee, his voice shakes, “I’ve…I’ve been waiting for you, Master.”

Jimmy C

“Stand. And tell me your name mercenary,” replies Isaiah.⠀

The man stands, clutching his heavy blaster. “Jimmy. Jimmy C, master.”

“Two things Jimmy: never call me Master again. The second? Follow me.”

Jimmy C nods, focused and ready.⠀

As Isaiah is about to enter the executive suite of Czerka Corporation world headquarters, he senses a tremendous reservoir of force energy within Jimmy C. But, digging deeper, Isaiah is shocked when he realizes that the force within Jimmy feels exactly like his own.⠀

Isaiah turns to the ship. The hundred-faced man sits atop the gangplank. Isaiah’s passion for retribution is instantly reinvigorated.

“Come Jimmy. There’s work to be done,” he says.

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