October 15, 2020

Isaiah the Gray, Part 25

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The Sorceress

“Why? Who is she?” replies Jimmy.

“She zapped me last time!” interjects Zero-You.

Corban’s face becomes stern. “You called her a devil-woman,” he answers.

Miraculously, for a moment Zero-You is surprisingly lost for words. “Yeah good point,” he says.

Isaac though remains just as puzzled. “A sorceress? How so?”

Corban snorts, as if momentarily reliving an awkward memory. “She is one of the few Jedi to be able to channel Force Lightning without succumbing to the Dark Side,” he answers. “She earned the nickname by perhaps too liberally wielding that power. Last I heard, the Council had her in the Outer Rim territories on some investigation. Something is wrong here, very wrong.”

The Tatooine Catalyst

“Sounds like your house isn’t in order, Corban,” says Isaiah. “Why is she here? What does she want? It sure seems like the Jedi don’t want her here.” Isaiah’s body language is more tense than normal. And does not go unnoticed by the rest of the crew.

“It must have to do with the Catalyst here on Tatooine,” posits Isaac. “The Force tends to not deal in coincidences.”

“I agree,” says Jimmy. “This Roshannon Darek must be here against the Council’s will. And if her presence is related to the Catalyst here, it stands to reason, given their actions, the Jedi Council doesn’t want her anywhere near it. Still, I’m concerned with how they knew we were both here.”

“I am the only viable conclusion to the latter mystery, Jimmy,” states the AI over the intercom. “If none of you were responsible, it must have been me; although I certainly wasn’t aware. If I had to speculate, someone could have planted a program in my system to send the messages but somehow coded it to be hidden from my awareness. Just as much an art as a skill for such an act to be possible.”

“AI, I appreciate your concern and your suggestions,” says Isaiah. “But the answers to our many questions lie with Roshannon. What will it take to find her?”

“If I may,” says Corban, “it will likely be easier not to find Roshannon, but to find the Catalyst. That’s where she’s going after all.”

Isaiah considers Corban’s perspective. “I’m certainly open to suggestions, Corban,” he says.

“I believe the chip from Jedi Archives contains the location of the Catalyst here on Tatooine. But there’s a major catch,” says the blind Jedi.

“And what’s that?” says Jimmy, concerned.

“It’s encrypted,” replies Corban. “With an ancient Jedi cypher. It will not be easy for us to break down its barriers.”