April 16, 2020

Isaiah the Gray, Part 8

Part 7 (others at the bottom): https://storytogether.com/2020/04/09/isaiah-the-gray-part-7/

Where To Next?

Still strapped in, Jimmy C turns to Isaiah and asks: “Well, where to next?”

Isaiah centers himself and begins to meditate, using the force to sense his surroundings. To his surprise, he discovers that there are nearly fifty people on this ship, all of whom possess some degree of force sensitivity. And what’s more, this ship has highly advanced internal and external sensor & scanning technology.

But a path, the right path, forms naturally in his mind.

“No problem,” says Isaiah quite confidently. “I’ll take care of it.”

Jimmy nods, deferring to his Commander.

The away pod’s hatch blasts open, breaking the ship’s camouflage. Jimmy, concerned, looks around but sees that the cargo bay guards all have their backs turned, forming an easy path to the hallway outside. Isaiah nods his reassurance – this was intentional. Jimmy find this level of power hard to accept but follows along without breaking his stride.

The two men simply walk out of the cargo bay, no one seeing them or trying to stop their advance. At various checkpoints down the long corridor, the security and monitoring systems effortlessly go dark. At the end of the hall, the turbo-lift arrives almost instantaneously.

A New Frontier

Isaiah and Jimmy enter the lift and, as it begins to hurtle toward the main bridge, Jimmy turns to Isaiah.

“I’ve never seen this type of power before,” he says.

Isaiah is silent for a few moments as the turbo-lift reaches its destination.

“Neither have I,” he says as he stares off into worlds unknown.

The doors to the main bridge open. A dozen people of numerous different species, clad in all gray, stand at their posts, monitoring activity on Korriban. They’re certainly unaware they’ve been boarded.

Now up close, Isaiah realizes that there are a select few here who possess incredible force potential, albeit not in the same league as his own power. As Isaiah ponders the potential consequences, Jimmy finds himself among such a high concentration of the force for the first time in his life. Somehow though, he’s able to walk unseen to the very front of the bridge area.

And it’s at that moment that Isaiah realizes the additional caution they should have here. So, as Jimmy gets almost “drunk” with the force in front of a crew this strong, the look on Isaiah’s face turns from pride to chagrin rather quickly.

The Big Reveal

To punish his foolish lieutenant, Isaiah deactivates Jimmy’s force cloak, revealing him for all to see. The bridge instantly reacts, raising both blaster rifles and some, readying their white lightsabers. The Captain though, raises his hand and beckons Jimmy to speak.

Jimmy C’s pupils go large, with massive amounts of the force flowing through his body. He stands tall and musters the courage to speak.

“We come…in peace!” says Jimmy, who collapses onto one knee, clearly exhausted from the sheer amount of energy his body is burning by using force of this magnitude.

“Well I would certainly hope so!” responds the Captain, calm as can be. “You made it this far after all. The force may have hid you from us, but now it is making you known. Come, let us talk.”

The Captain is flanked by two women, a Mandalorian head of security and a Twi’lek first officer. The trio emanate huge amounts of force potential, even as they try their best to make their presence. The Captain though courteously shows Jimmy the way to the nearby adjoining observation lounge. As if in a trance, Jimmy follows them inside, Isaiah close behind although still unseen.

The Gray

As the lounge door closes, Jimmy turns to seemingly no one.

“Commander, I had never felt such…energy before. My apologies. I will do better next time, I promise,” he says.

Isaiah removes the force blanket from his person, revealing himself to the others in the room.

“I know you will Jimmy,” he says.

Un-phased, the Captain turns to Isaiah.

“Ah, the master has revealed himself.”

“I am a master of nothing quite yet,” responds Isaiah. “But please, tell me who you are and the nature of this ship’s purpose. I feel it is entirely…unique.”

“Indeed it is,” responds the Captain. “I am Captain Issac. And this is my First Officer Hanari and my Chief of Security T’Enora. And this is the Gray ship “Odyssey.”

Jimmy pipes-in, ““Gray” ship?”

“Who are you all?” interjects Isaiah.

“We are the Gray,” answers Captain Issac.

Isaiah looks truly concerned for the first time since he received his powers.

“But…that’s my name,” he says.

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