July 2, 2020

Isaiah the Gray, Part 15

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With next to zero energy left, Isaiah doesn’t question Issac’s wisdom. Jimmy shoulders his friend’s weight as the three men slowly hobble out of the room and back into the stark daylight of the Korriban desert.

Isaiah activates his communicator. “AI, send the shuttle to our coordinates and pick us up.”

“Understood Commander,” responds the AI over the communicator. “The shuttle is inbound to your location. There is a powerful wind storm not far from your location that’s interfering with our sensors but we should be able to make it to your position in short order. Stay tuned.”

As the midday sun beats down, Jimmy and Issac hold Isaiah’s weight on the Sith Temple steps as the eyes of the spirits in the Sith gate stare warily at the group.

Minutes later, the shuttle breaks through the atmosphere and lands near their location. The gangplank mechanically lowers, reaching the ground with a dull thud. Hanari and T’Enora, appropriately armed, move into position and flank the group who, slowly but surely, make their way on board. The shuttle rockets off back toward space, the eyes of the gate on them the entire time.

The minute or so it takes for the shuttle to arrive back at the Defiant are a blur for Isaiah, who fades in and out of consciousness. The three Gray look warily at him, clearly concerned at his…transformation.

With the shuttle docked, Jimmy guides Isaiah inside and has him sit for a moment.

“Head back to the Odyssey and wait for our signal,” says Jimmy to the three assembled Gray. “The shuttle will bring you back when it’s time to depart.”

Issac, T’Enora, and Hanari share a look – as well as a collective nod to Jimmy – and re-enter the shuttle. A few moments later, Isaiah and Jimmy see the ship through the Defiant’s port window dock with the nearby Odyssey.


Isaiah seems to catch his breath and stands. Jimmy looks to his comrade, still concerned.

“What now, Isaiah?” asks Jimmy.

“In truth, I do not know Jimmy,” says Isaiah. “Let us sleep on it. Perhaps our dreams will have the answers reality, and perhaps the Force itself, is holding from us.”

Jimmy nods, puts his hand on Isaiah’s shoulder as a show of support, and then heads off toward his cabin.

And for the first time in what feels like a long, long time Isaiah is alone, the conglomerated background noise of the ship’s various technical instrumentation his only companion. These last days and weeks are an incredibly intense blur of passion, emotion, feeling, and experience. Isaiah, not having any answers or even any paths forward, decides that sleep is his only recourse.

He meanders throughout the still and silent ship, his bed his destination but his path there aimless.

In his room, Isaiah finds the sight foreign and strange, confused over the concept of comfort and rest. He shakes his head – such an absurd thought.

As the hours pass, Isaiah tosses and turns but cannot find sleep. His mind is a bizarrely juxtaposed duality between frenetic thoughts and a vacuum of feeling. He exhales deeply – no rest for the weary, apparently. Isaiah turns the light on, sits up, and walks over to the computer interface terminal.

An Additional Layer to the Mystery

“AI,” he says, “who built this ship?”

The AI is quick to respond. “I’m sorry Commander but the records relating to the construction of this vessel have been erased. I’m afraid I cannot answer the question.”

“Erased?” asks Isaiah

“Yes,” replies the AI, “it seems whomever deleted the records did so in a fairly obvious way. I surmise based on the available information that they wanted you to know that such records had be purposefully deleted.”

Isaiah nods his head and begins to pace the room. “But what about features, weapons, capabilities, or even cost…surely those records are intact?”

“Indeed they are,” replies the AI. “This ship is capable of the maximum speed currently reached in the Galaxy through hyperspace-lane travel. It is the only ship of its kind listed in my database with a cloaking device of this level of effectiveness. And if you don’t mind me saying Commander, the ship’s AI is considered a breakthrough in AI developmental capabilities. Moreover, its weaponry would be considered in the Royal class of ship weapons – which rates it at Fleet Flagship level. For cost, I do not have a price. Instead, a rating: Galactic. If I compare that rating to others which also hold that title, that puts the cost of this ship at a half-dozen Star Destroyers by itself.”

Isaiah looks shocked, as if those figures must be wrong. “But this ship is 1/1000 their size – and we’re worth six times their commission price?” asks Isaiah, likely rhetorically.

“At least,” replies the AI. “Galactic level prices do not have a limit.”

Isaiah continues to pace the room. “Let’s return to the subject of this ship’s ownership. You mentioned I was given ownership of it and was thus its Commander. Who granted that request?”

“The entity “They” is the one who transferred ownership to you per the ship’s records,” says the AI. Ownership before They is where my records cease to exist; my apologies again Commander.”

Isaiah sits on his bed, trying to put the puzzle pieces together. But again the Force is silent on the subject.

A few moments later, the AI interrupts Isaiah’s thinking. “Commander, I have detected another ship entering orbit around the planet. Coruscant in origin…likely Jedi from its registry codes. What are your orders?”

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