April 30, 2020

Isaiah the Gray, Part 9

Part 8 (others at the bottom): https://storytogether.com/2020/04/16/isaiah-the-gray-part-8/

The Gray

“Who are you all?” asks Isaiah.

“We are the Gray,” answers Captain Issac, a bit matter-of-factly.

For the first time since he received his powers, Isaiah looks afraid.

“But that’s…that’s my name,” he says.

“A coincidence of fate, I’m sure,” replies T’Enora, their Chief of Security.

Given everything they’ve been through, Isaiah and Jimmy C share a “it’s not so simple” type of look.

Captain Issac casts a stoic glance around the room. “Where we may see coincidence or the arbitrary, the Force sees intent. What this means about you or about us, I’m not sure. But I am certain it is no accident. Now, appease my curiosity if you don’t mind: how did you hide from us? I had never before seen The Odyssey’s sensors bested.”

A Big Reveal

Isaiah speaks into the communicator on his armband. “De-cloak the ship.”

Outside the observation lounge window, the Defiant de-cloaks in its splendor. Subtle awe springs up throughout the Odyssey’s bridge crew.

Captain Issac mutters under his breath. “Marvelous technology.” His voice picks up. “How did you come by such a ship?”

The Defiant’s AI interjects over Isaiah’s communicator. “This ship was transferred to Commander Gray’s possession 3 days, 12 hours, 43 minutes, and 49 seconds ago. There are no records in my database regarding previous owners.”

Isaiah flashes a “well, ain’t that the truth” look at Captain Issac.

The Gray in the room begin to look uneasy.

Why Korriban?

Jimmy decides to break the building tension. “What are you all doing in the Korriban system?”

The Captain begins to speak, but no words come from his mouth. He smiles and looks to Isaiah.

“Ah, you are using the Force to compel me to speak the truth. An incredible and rare power. Use it wisely.”

Captain Issac looks to Jimmy. “We are here because we are monitoring a significant uptick in Sith activity. Korriban, of all the systems in the galaxy, has been their domain for many cycles. We believe there is a growing Dark Side power on the planet which warrants our constant vigilance.”

The Captain turns to Isaiah. “For the record, I do not believe you are a Sith. But our mission is too critical to be compromised.”

Isaiah and Jimmy share a look.

Getting on the Same Page

“Come back to our ship and we’ll discuss further,” says Isaiah. “We’ll figure out what’s truly happening down there. I would very much like to know as well.”

Captain Issac nods. “A wise course of action. We agree to your plan. Hanari, T’Enora, come. We will be tested on the surface.”

Minutes later, Isaiah, Jimmy C, Captain Issac, Hanari, and T’Enora, surround the main computer panel – built into the ground like a circular conference table – back on the Defiant.

Isaiah begins the proceedings. “Before we go down to the surface, I have some questions.”

“And I will do my best to answer them.” responds Captain Issac.

“Who are the Gray?” asks Isaiah.

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