May 7, 2020

Isaiah the Gray, Part 10

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The Obvious Question

“Who are the Gray?” asks Isaiah.

Captain Issac ponders a moment as his lieutenants look-on nervously, knowing he’s being prevented from lying.

“Can’t say I’ve ever had to directly answer that question before,” he says with a heavy sigh. “The Gray are simply a group of people dedicated to preserving the Force itself. Light and Dark, Jedi, Sith…these are just titles given to aspects of the Force and the people who interact with it.”

Isaiah and Jimmy exchange a quick look before Captain Issac is able to continue.

The Force Itself

“The Force itself is a complicated and nuanced undercurrent of universal connection that binds all things. The Gray believe that the Jedi and Sith, in their arrogance, will inevitably destroy the Force when one destroys the other. A universal adoption of one type of connection to the Force will cause an imbalance in the Force itself, leading to its collapse.”

“An interesting…theory,” says Isaiah, not quite knowing what words he should be mustering.

“We further believe that the Light Side and Dark Side of the Force are misnomers,” continues Captain Issac. “Much like there are ways of interacting with your own emotion, passion, morality, and judgement, there are various ways to connect with the Force. The Jedi espouse honor, peace, control, and wisdom where the Sith believe in passion, emotion, strength, and power. But the Jedi and Sith are organized philosophies, not sources of truth.”

Captain Issac surveys the room, ensuring folks are following. He nods to T’Enora.

So Much More to Our Connections

“True enough,” she says, “the Light Side and Dark Side of the Force do exist. But we are only aware of them to the extent we’ve been able to connect with each side and pass along those learnings to others. There is far, far more to each side, and every piece in between, of the Force than we’ve been able to discover.”

Hanari takes the verbal baton from her comrade. “The Gray do not purport to be the Truth; we are merely preserving the thread of existence itself so we as mortal beings can continue to discover what that truth is for ourselves.”

Isaiah and Jimmy listen intently. The three Gray’s words resonate with each of them, as if they’d be waiting all their lives to hear this perspective.

Jimmy breaks the silence. “Fair enough. A measured and important perspective to be sure. But why are you here and now? Surely you don’t take joyrides to Korriban for no reason.”

T’Enora nods in agreement. “The Sith are moving and the Jedi impotently allow it to happen. We believe they’ve been infiltrated, and like a poison in a wound it will fester. And at a time when the balance is again shifting toward destabilization, we’ve been awakened to stem the tide.”

“Awakened?” asks Isaiah.

“We are the Gray.” responds Hanari. “We only awaken at the critical inflection point in each cycle and see to it the balance is maintained. And then, we sleep.”

The Next Step – Korriban

Isaiah and Jimmy C share a “what the hell have we got ourselves into?” type of look.

“I see,” says Isaiah. “And that’s why you’re here at Korriban…monitoring Sith activity?”

“Yes,” replies Captain Issac. “Precisely. We feel that Sith pride virtually all but mandates that they connect with their ancestors here. And before you arrived, we were preparing a trip to the surface to investigate.”

“We will join you. And we’ll find the truth for ourselves down there.” states Isaiah firmly.

“As you wish,” replies Captain Issac. “We welcome your company. It is…unusual for us to bring guests on away missions.”

Jimmy motions to the Away Pod. “After you.”

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