August 13, 2020

Isaiah the Gray, Part 17

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Proceeding with Caution

Corban sits for a moment, sensing the Force from within the cockpit of his inert ship. “There is an immense source of Force potential over there. Proceed with caution.”

Zero-You makes an R2-D2-esque “aw, crap” series of beeps. “It’s always something, Wolf.”

Corban flashes a wry smile as he wearily stands and makes his way down the hallway to the artificial hatch that’s been bored into the hull of his ship. With Zero-You in tow, Corban stands for a long moment at the edge of space, looking out at this mysterious ship that’s cut them down so easily.

He walks out onto the sealed, artificial gangplank and, immediately, Isaiah’s presence washes over the Jedi master, renewing his concern at this sheer volume of Force potential. And yet, perhaps unexpectedly given the locale, malevolence is not among the intent he’s sensing. So to satiate his curiosity, Corban attempts to bridge a force connection with Isaiah but is quickly forcefully rejected.

The Negotiation

“There’s no need for that,” says Isaiah.

Jimmy activates a force field, sealing Corban and Zero-You inside the gankplank.

“Let’s simply talk,” Isaiah continues. “Who are you and why have you come here?”

Corban opens his mouth and begins to speak but finds that no words arrive at the tip of his tongue. A moment later, an epiphany: Corban realizes he’s being compelled through the Force to tell the truth.

“A rare gift; use it wisely,” advises Corban, who can’t help but to be impressed.

Jimmy takes a closer look at the Jedi Master. “I know him. He is the Blind Wolf, one of the Jedi Masters. I have no idea why he’s here but we should not take him lightly.”

Isaiah nods to Jimmy and turns his attention back to the Jedi Master. “I am certainly trying to. But I must insist you answer the questions truthfully.”

Zero-You raises its arms, ready to fire its rockets into the force field. But before anyone can react, AI’s voice comes over the ship-wide intercom. “I am sorry; upon entry to the ship, I deactivated your weapon systems. I hope you will not take offense.”

Corban uses the Force to gently push Zero-You’s arms down to its sides. The old Jedi takes a deep breath, knowing he’s somehow found himself in over his head.

What Brings Us Here

“My name is Corban and I am a Jedi,” he says. “This is my companion Zero-You. We have been sent by the Jedi Council to investigate the incredible tragedy on Coruscant. Given the rise in Sith activity, it has been speculated that they may have been responsible for the destruction of Czerka headquarters and the resulting catastrophe on the planet’s surface. So we came to Korriban to see if they were in any way responsible.”

Corban pauses a moment, trying to read his audience through the Force to no avail. “Now, in the interest of fairness, may I ask who you are and what brings you here?”

“Despite it being forced,” says Isaiah, “I appreciate your candor. And in many ways, we are here for the same purpose. We’ve just returned from the surface. So, if you’ll behave, we can discuss further without the threat of violence on our ship.”

Corban turns to Zero-You. “Stand down,” says the Jedi Master, quite forcefully.

Zero-You complies with a shrug, albeit reluctantly. Corban turns to Isaiah and makes a type of “eye contact” through the Force. “We accept, let us get on the same page.”

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