July 23, 2020

Isaiah the Gray, Part 16

Part 15 (rest at the bottom): https://storytogether.com/2020/07/02/isaiah-the-gray-part-15/

Another Mystery

Isaiah stands firm. “Scan for life forms,” he says to AI.

“I am only reading one life form aboard, Commander,” replies AI.

“Pursuit course,” orders Isaiah as he walks over to the nearby intercom. “Jimmy, we’ve got company.”

Jimmy’s voice comes through clearly on the other end of the line. “I see them,” he says. “I’ll meet you on the Battle Bridge momentarily.”

Isaiah shakes his head. “It’s always something these days,” he mutters to himself as he makes his way down the hall and onto the Defiant’s bridge.

Arriving at the same time, Jimmy yells out to Isaiah. “Who is it? What did AI detect?”

“AI says the registry codes match known Jedi configurations,” answers Isaiah. “But let’s find out for ourselves. AI, let’s see what this ship can do. Disable their vessel and prepare it to be boarded.”

“Yes, Commander,” replies AI, causing Jimmy to raise an eyebrow.

The Defiant, still cloaked, breaks orbit with Korriban and with incredible pace moves itself to the perfect spot. A few moments later, the Jedi ship comes out of light speed, none the wiser as to its pursuers, and moves to orbit the planet – with the Defiant close behind.

The Blind Jedi

Corban, the blind Jedi librarian, sits in the pilot’s seat. A man in his sixties, Corban is weathered for his age but carries his scars well. Next to him in the co-pilot’s seat is his Protection Droid FUK-0U (Zero-You).

Corban turns to his compatriot. “I sense that we’re being followed rather aggressively. Please look into it.”

Zero-You nods and hooks himself up to the main computer. “Connecting to navigation and sensor arrays…ah, they’re already on us. How fun. EVASIVE MANEUVERS!”

With the Gray ship Odyssey framed in the far background against the planet Korriban, the Jedi ship begins to fly about in random patterns in an attempt to invade its invisible hunter. But for each move it makes, the Defiant is able to deftly adapt and close the gap. And with an incredibly precise series of shots, the AI is able to surgically disable the Jedi ship’s engines, completely stalling its movements.

“It seems as though the Force wants us to sit still this day,” says Corban. “Prepare yourself. We are going to be boarded.”

“Great, just when we were getting the hang of staying alive,” replies Zero-You.

The Boarding Party

Isaiah and Jimmy stare through their view-port at the disabled Jedi ship.

“Do you feel anything?” asks Jimmy of his Commander.

Isaiah considers for a few moments. “I do. A curiosity, an openness. No fear. A good perspective, I would think Jimmy.”

Isaiah gives a subtle wave of his hand. The Defiant extends an encapsulated gangplank which attaches itself onto the hull of the Jedi’s ship. As Isaiah and Jimmy look on expectantly, a series of hyper-focused lasers cut a doorway into their quarry’s hull.

Jimmy uses the Force to push the now freed piece of hull backward and onto the ground with a loud thud. On a nearby computer interface, Isaiah and Jimmy see that the gangplank area has successfully filled with atmosphere.

Without hesitation Isaiah proceeds to the mid-point between two ships.

“Jedi! Come, be sensible,” he calls out. “We do not wish you any harm but must insist we speak face to face.”

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