Isaiah the Gray, Part 25

Previously: The Sorceress “Why? Who is she?” replies Jimmy. “She zapped me last time!” interjects Zero-You. Corban’s face becomes stern. “You called her a devil-woman,” he answers. Miraculously, for a moment Zero-You is surprisingly lost for words. “Yeah good point,” he says. Isaac though remains just as puzzled. “A sorceress? How so?” Corban snorts,…

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Isaiah the Gray, Part 23

Previously: Bombers on the Horizon The blaring of Zero-You’s harsh monitoring alarm unpleasantly fills the space around Isaiah, Jimmy, Isaac, and Corban. AI overtakes the group’s intercoms. “Commander, unidentified bombers have penetrated the atmosphere and are headed in your direction. Recommend you re-board the spacecraft immediately.” Isaiah looks to his Jedi comrade. “Corban, what…

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