Avoiding the Yellow Brick Road: How GMs/DMs Approach Session Zero

This week’s #GMAdvice post is all about how GMs should be balancing player character creation with what they (the GM/DM) “know is coming” in the story. Risking repeating the obvious, character creation is process of translating/transcribing a player character from an idea to their statistics/abilities/backstory on paper. Each tabletop RPG system is different, and there…

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How to Present Choices to Tabletop RPG Players

Today’s #worldbuildingMonday post centers around the concept of “railroading” and best practices around keeping your use of it in check.For the uninitiated, “railroading” essentially means forcing the players down certain plot paths and/or taking specific actions they otherwise may not have intended. And there’s various degrees of railroading, from fairly necessary/trivial in order to trigger…

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