Isaiah the Gray, Part 19

Previously: Discovering the Catalyst “What’s a Catalyst?” asks Isaiah who is barely able to contain his curiosity. Corban remains stunned, not able to speak for a few moments. “I don’t know if I’m the one who answers that question. But tell me, was there another on the surface? Or did this device react to your…

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Weaving TTRPG Character Arcs Together

When players are coming up with their characters’ backstories, oftentimes they’re not doing so together. Character creation after all traditionally is a highly individual process; although, there’s certainly collaboration here and there. So as the GM when the players submit their characters’ various backstories, it becomes clear pretty quickly that sometimes their various elements can…

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Isaiah the Gray, Part 18

Part 17 (rest at the bottom): Heart to Heart Corban releases the tight grip around his lightsaber as his companion, the assault droid Zero-You, powers down. Jimmy deactivates the force-field. “Thank you,” says Isaiah who invites the Jedi on-board with a polite gesture. “Please, follow me.” Corban nods and allows the Force to guide…

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