December 29, 2019

Transportation in Your Tabletop RPG

We’re covering a bit of an esoteric topic on today’s #worldbuildingMonday post: transportation.

Oftentimes in your stories, your characters will need to get from Point A to Point B. In the Wild West, you’d have your horse (and maybe wagon), and conversely in a Sci-Fi story, you’d have your ship. And a million things in between for each type of story.

StoryTogether’s recommendation is that you come up with some special sauce for that mode of transportation. You have the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars, The Wagon in Pyre, Hidalgo, The Mach 5 and on and on. In Isaiah’s “The Gray” story we’ve been posting about the last bunch of #tbtRPG, he has the Defiant.

Providing your players with a special piece of transportation they can call their own and invest in can work incredibly well for many different types of stories. Give a try and let us know how it goes