December 29, 2019

Thinking About Diplomacy During Worldbuilding

We talked about character death a lot on last week’s #worldbuildingMondaypost. Today’s in some ways will be the opposite: taking the peaceful/diplomatic route to solve conflicts.

RPGs have traditionally almost incentivized combat and violence by making those components fun & exciting. They add a wonderful thrill to many stories, justified violence or not.

But worldbuilders always need to keep in mind that there are players who will always try and find the peaceful/diplomatic solve to any situation. And there can/should be avenues for those players to explore to allow for a path of non-violence. And perhaps in your story, depending on the context, that’s considerably more difficult. But the path can and should still exist and be just as fulfilling as any involving combat.

So StoryTogether strongly advises any worldbuilder to keep the peaceful/diplomatic approaches in mind when designing your worlds! I promise, it will pay off!