December 29, 2019

The Importance of Plot Mapping

A main stage of worldbuilding we’ve not previously discussed on #worldbuildingMonday is called Plot Mapping. Plot mapping is essentially the exercise is organizing your world’s complex web of history such that its lore is legible and usable throughout the rest of your worldbuilding.

Some use pen & papers, others digital software. But the key aspect of this step is that the history, characters, relationships, factions, and key moments of your world, are diagrammed in a clear & organized way. Then, with the 30,000 foot view into the history of your universe established, you can begin to ideate where to seed your players for the story they’re going to be playing.

You’ll have added incredible value to that process by making it easier to see when & how your players will intersect the various important (& unimportant!) aspects of your world. Your players will in turn be better immersed in your world’s depth and character and so to will their appreciation and enjoyment for its twists and turns be reinforced.

There are many ways of course to go about Plot Mapping – some of which you’ll need to discover for yourself.

But StoryTogether is here to help! Just send us a DM/email and we’ll work through your worldbuilding together. Good luck!