December 29, 2019

No More Tropes!

Today’s #worldbuildingMonday post is all about how to cleanse your stories from tropes during the worldbuilding stage.

If you’ll consider the following Jurassic Park analogy: your original story, whose genesis is unique to you, is the dinosaur DNA. But during story development, you might find there are times when “strands” of it so to speak are incomplete. Please don’t fill those gaps with frog DNA (Tropes!) like they do in the movie – your story deserves far more than simply citchy fall-back devices.

Instead, make your standards higher: during worldbuilding, don’t be satisfied. Does each part of what you’ve created feel right? Feel like you? Or did you plug and play some pieces just to get it over the finish line? Perhaps it’s the former and perhaps the latter. But you’re going to do your stories – and, of course, your worldbuilding! – a great service by adding this analysis as a step. Don’t skip out on it! You’ll thank us later!