December 29, 2019

Economy in Your Tabletop RPG

Today’s #worldbuildingMonday post is all about structuring the economy in your world.

In this context, economy is used to denote the pricing structure of goods and services. A classic example would be Copper, Silver, and Gold where 100 Copper equals 1 Silver and 100 Silver equals 1 Gold and so on.

And, in this structure, a loaf of bread might cost a few Copper, a new wagon 50 Silver, and a new castle several hundred – or thousand! – Gold.

But the point being, you have a consistent set of values & prices for the tiers/levels of currency in your world (or worlds). This structure of economy will empower your players to make strategic & tactical financial decisions throughout the story you play.

We’ve found for most stories, the 100x (each tier of currency is 100x more valuable than the previous tier) or 10x systems work well. But feel free to experiment with your currencies, values, and economies with your players. It’s lots of fun!