December 29, 2019

Battles in Your Tabletop RPG

Today’s #worldbuildingMonday post is all about battles.

In worlds where there is a complex global political order, with many various factions/civilizations/nations/governments, and your players represent one (or even up to all!) of these parties, it can be an incredibly fun & engaging session to have a Risk/Total War-style game to slug it out in a huge war.

In Star Wars, you could have the Empire vs. the Republic, in the Witcher you could have Nilfgaard against the Northern Realms, or Lord of the Rings, have Men, Elves, and Dwarves against the forces of Mordor & Isengard etc. etc.

Combining a normal role playing session with this serious, macro-level meta-game adds a diversity and flair to your stories that your players will sincerely appreciate. There’s a great deal of depth on the best methods for bringing this special battle/war session about but please do consider investing in this type of preparation if you feel it suits your story. We can’t vouch for it high enough!