December 29, 2019

Base Building!

Today’s #worldbuildingMonday post is all about one of my favorite topics: base building!

For me, building a base, whether it be a castle, or ship, a tavern, or a whole city even, is one of my favorite parts of the tabletop RPG experience. I’ve always loved the incredible freedom to use your imagination that comes with this part of playing stories. And of course, being able to collaborate with your fellow players in making a place truly your own in just simply an amazing, fulfilling experience.

So today’s post will give worldbuilders out there some tips at empowering your players to create something spectacular in their base-building efforts:

  1. Think like the Sims: give a wide-range of options to your players. For example, if they’re building a castle, give them options on its defenses, decorations, furniture, forge, armory etc.
  2. Facilitate creativity: if your players have creative ways to revamp/build/alter/enhance the base, find a way within reason to ingratiate those ideas into their base-building efforts.
  3. Upgrades! Of course, even when the base is done it can always be made better. Make the big upgrades to the base be a huge carrot on a stick for your players. It’s always a wonderful goal to have!

Implement these three factors to your base-building within your world and I promise your players will thank you! Share some of your favorite base-building stories in the comments. We’d love to hear them!