December 30, 2019

Your First Tabletop RPG One-Shot Session

In the spirit of yesterday’s post regarding one-off TTRPG sessions, today’s #newbieTuesday advice is all about your first one-off!

In contrast to a longer-term tabletop story, one-offs are a one-time-only story. Think of them as an episode in construction but potentially the “short-story” version of a whole season/series.

For new players, one-offs are the best way to get the full TTRPG experience without the somewhat dizzying commitment of meeting regularly for sessions. You get to see for yourself what all the fuss is all about without feeling like you absolutely must become invested in what’s going on.

You may have friends, colleagues, and/or family that play stories at the table and are curious at what the heck they’re talking about when they’re discussing rediculous characters, epic fights, hilarious moments, deep conversations, and all of the other things that go down at a TTRPG session. If, as a new or prospective player, you’re at all interesting in giving it a shot just remember to ask for a “one shot!”

Experienced players should understand that one-shots are a great way to “sell” folks on the idea that playing stories together is a helluva good time. Help your new players join the fun by setting up a straightforward one shot for them to play.

And new players: don’t be intimidated by the experience! Nothing about TTRPGs is so complicated or arcane that it can’t be learned well enough quickly to have a great time.