December 30, 2019

The Couriers, Episode 8

It’s release day at StoryTogether and we’re proud to present Episode 8 of The Couriers!

There are only three episodes left in Season 1 and we’ve been doing a lot of reflecting as a team on how we get bigger and better with Season 2. Better lighting, audio, story-driven editing, and animations are all things we’ll be implementing come April/May’s Season 2 launch.

But for now, we have a team working incredibly hard to tell the story of The Couriers. Not all endings can be of the fairy-tale variety – what will our crew earn for themselves? A pivotal episode 8 has the team, and their new companions, trying to set the stage for the final confrontation.

Do they achieve what they aim to? Or will they fall victims again to the designs of the Giants…?

The Couriers, Episode 8 Part 1:
The Whole Series: