December 30, 2019

Spending Your Tabletop RPG Time Wisely

This week’s #GMAdvice post is all about spending your time wisely.

Regardless of whether you’re a child or an adult, when you and your friends & family sit down to play a story together, that time and space is precious. Even if you have a weekly game going, never take that experience for granted – times change, people get different priorities, things happen.

When you have the crew sitting down around the table, the anticipating building for the start of the session, sit in that moment and appreciate it for what it is: a unique experience which may never come again. Be joyous, be selfless, be enthusiastic, and willing to go with the flow. You’re part of a special group, a team, that has this unique and wonderful opportunity to play a story together that could go in a million different directions.

Reflect on how cool, how special, of a circumstance that is and how lucky each person is to be a part of that experience. When you’re in the moment like that, that’s when the magic happens. The uncontrollable laughter, the awe, the shock, the camaraderie‚Ķeverything is a byproduct of the players and GM spending their time wisely by appreciating how unique of a chance they have, right then, right now, to be playing a story together.

So GMs, if you ever find yourselves at a table where maybe folks have forgotten how lucky they are to be playing a story with their friends and family, just remind them – and yourself – how fortunate they are to have this opportunity to have this much fun, this many laughs, this many great memories. It always helps!