December 30, 2019

One Important Way New Players Can Help the Table

Today’s #newbieTuesday post is all about the “chaos” at the table and how you, as the brand new player, can have a helping hand in its organization.

It might be counter-intuitive to think that, as the newbie, you would be the one to set the pace and direction of the new activity you find yourselves in. But when you join any reasonable table as the “new blood” there’s a learning curve. Not just of the system you’re using to play stories but of the history of the story everyone has been playing, their characters, major events etc. It’s a lot to take-in and happens over time. It’s like jumping into Season 3 of a great show and becoming one of the main characters; it can be disorienting.

But like those shows, the characters that have been around since the beginning have a pre-existing relationships and dynamics. They know how to play off each other, know what each other want, and where they’re headed, for better or for worse.

As the new player/character at the table though, you’re absolutely entitled to a “stake in the game” – what you want to get out of the story and where you want things to go is absolutely something the others should be keeping in mind as they do with themselves. It’s a perfect opportunity therefore for you, as the new player, once you’re settled in, to influence the direction the table takes itself. It’s like adding another ingredient to a soup or another instrument to a jazz band.

So despite being new and perhaps being somewhat out of your element, know that as the new player you actually have quite a bit of say and influence over the direction of the story. Use that power wisely!