December 30, 2019

Isaiah the Gray, Part 31 #TBTRPG

Continuing from the last Isaiah the Gray #TBTRPG chapter, “Come.” says Isaiah to Zaren. “There is much for us to talk about.”

The Defiant’s crew – Isaiah, Jimmy, Issac, Corban, and FUK-U – gathers in the central operations room of the ship. Zaren, cold and despondent, files in last.

“Everyone.” begins Isaiah “Please introduce yourselves. Zaren has been through a great deal and whether he realizes yet or not, aligns with our mission.”

The rest of the crew, including Zaren, raise an eyebrow.

“My name is Corban.” begins the Jedi Master. “I am the Keeper of the Jedi Archives on Coruscant. Up until today, I was the protector of the location of the Jedi Catalyst. And I was sent by the Council to find the perpetrators of the Czerka Corporation Headquarters disaster. But when we met Isaiah, we realized that there was…more at stake. So we joined and are committed to reaching the finish line, together.”

The group naturally shifts their attention to FUK-U, on Corban’s right. FUK-U just stands there in silence, creating an awkward moment in the circle. Corban nudges FUK-U with his elbow.

“I’m with him.” says FUK-U pointing at Corban who shakes his head.

“Isaiah, are you sure it’s wise to discuss…my background with someone we’ve, respectfully, just met?” asks Issac.

“I am.” replies Isaiah “I have Roshannon’s memories, feelings, and Force energy inside me now. These were not bad people. If anything, they’re just like us – trying to gain freedom from forces seemingly beyond their control.”

Zaren perks up at Isaiah’s words as Issac seems mostly satisfied with the response.

“My name is Issac. I am the leader of this cycle’s Gray. We are an organization dedicated to the preservation of the Force and its balance. I believe the mission of this crew has the potential to shake the very fabric of the Force so I am here to ensure it’s protected.”

The focus shifts to Jimmy. “I am a former Czerka Praetorian Guard. My life changed when I met Isaiah. Something in me became alive and my…awareness totally shifted. I am responsible for the destruction of Czerka Headquarters – and it pains me to think about – but it was an accident. Since then, I have done my best to further Isaiah’s goals because I trust that they’re the right thing to do.”

And finally the attention in the room shifts to Isaiah. “The truth is I was no one. I lived a life so boring, so unfulfilling, I was considering taking my own life. But when They did what they did to me, and I became powerful, very powerful, I’ve been trying to find a way to break myself out of this supposedly pre-ordained cycle, this test from our ancestors, and to be able to live my own life, under no one else’s rules.”

Zaren raises his head, focused on Isaiah’s words. “So don’t you see” continues Isaiah “that our goals are really the same at the end of the day?”

Zaren stays silent. He scans the room, using the Force and does feel as though everyone has given him a genuine story.

“Everyone.” begins Isaiah “Roshannon and Zaren weren’t renegades, pirates, or thieves. They were trying to escape from the Sith. They were students. And when they no longer wished to be a part of that society, and to be free to set their own destiny, they left. And for this simple crime, they’ve been hunted relentlessly ever since. They sought the Jedi Catalyst not to steal its power, but to augment Zaren’s with its energy to empower him to erase the memories of the Sith hunters.”

A silence washes over the room as the crew digests Isaiah’s words.

“I know where the last Catalyst is.” says Zaren