December 30, 2019

Isaiah the Gray, Part 24 #TBTRPG

Continuing from the last Isaiah the Gray #TBTRPG story, “Bring us on board.” says Jimmy, frustrated that their chase was all for naught. “If it’s not us they were after, then who the hell was that!?”

Silence falls over the radio as the AI – or anyone – cannot answer the question as Isaiah and Jimmy board the Defiant which takes off into the upper atmosphere. Looking out the poor window, the crew gets a good view of Mos Eisley: scarred from the Tajin bombs.

The group gathers in the command center of the ship.

Isaiah begins the proceedings: “What the hell is going on? I want answers.”

“Here’s what we know:” responds Jimmy “Tajin mercenaries, typically associated with fulfilling Jedi contracts, were both ready to stall us, and use weapons against civilians in a search for a unknown ship which is capable of avoiding – supposedly – the best sensors in the galaxy.”

The AI interjects: “They are the best sensors.”

Jimmy rolls his eyes. “We need to call a spade a spade here: this was a setup. I’m not making any accusations but, in my experience, the most likely explanation is someone in this room told the Tajin we were coming.”

An uncomfortable silence takes hold in the command center.

After a few moments, Corban speaks: “The Jedi do not use mercenaries to harm civilians. Track fugitives, yes, but the use of lethal force requires the highest clearance in the Council to approve and only happens in the most dire of circumstances. Isaiah, my advice to you, if you’re willing to hear it, is with you powers, you can likely verify Jimmy’s suspicions. But for my part, I do not sense any sort of treachery.”

Isaiah takes a few deep breaths and establishes a firm connection to the Force. To his surprise, everyone’s mind is open, allowing him access. One by one he senses their thoughts and, doubling his surprise, he finds that everyone present is on the level about not tipping off the Tajin.

“Seems as though Corban is correct about us.” says Isaiah, matter-of-factly.

Issac offers: “What about FUK-U?”

“What about me?” the droid replies.

“Surely even with your powers Isaiah you can’t sense within the mind of a droid?” retorts Issac, sharply.

Jimmy posits: “AI, can you access FUK-U’s memory to…”

“Absolutely not!” interrupts FUK-U.

“FU…” says Corban in a cajoling voice.

“Who is to say what the AI will do?” says FUK-U “Would you all let Isaiah scramble your brains?”

“I understand your concerns.” says Isaiah. “AI, you are to only determine if FUK-U was responsible for the Tajin being alerted to our presence. Nothing more. That is an order; am I clear?”

“Completely, commander.” replies AI.

FUK-U looks to Corban who nods. “Fine, go ahead.” he says.

“Scanning…….complete.” says AI “I can verify that FUK-U is not responsible for the Tajin presence of Tatooine.”

“None of this is adding up.” says Jimmy “If no one here tipped off the Tajin…”

“Well the only one left is…me.” says the AI.

Throughout the room, the Defiant’s sensors begin to sound. “What is it, AI?” asks Isaiah.

“My scan of the mystery ship has come back with a positive match:” answers AI “The ship belongs to Roshannon Darek, Zabrak race, Jedi, known as “The Sorceress.”

“Oh.” says Corban, morose. “That’s bad.”