December 30, 2019

Isaiah the Gray, Part 23 #TBTRPG

Continuing from the last Isaiah the Gray #TBTRPG story, FUK-U’s monitoring alarm again begins to sound as Isaiah, Jimmy C, Issac, and Corban stand over the fallen Tajin mercenaries in their Mos Eisley docking station.

The AI overtakes the group’s intercoms: “Commander, unidentified bombers have penetrated the atmosphere and are headed in your direction. Recommend you re-board the spacecraft immediately.”

Isaiah looks to his Jedi comrade. “Corban, what do you make of all this?”

Corban looks to the sky, his eyes closed. The bombers arrive on the horizon. “Tajin. I’m sure of it. But I still don’t know why.”

The AI again interrupts the group’s intercoms: “Commander, I have gained access to the bombers targeting systems. We are not the target. I am sending the coordinates to you now.”

Isaiah is confused. “What the hell?”

The bombers blow past the Mos Eisley hanger but shriek to a halt right above the residential area of the city and begin to fire into the crowd below.

“A diversion!?” says Jimmy, referencing the Tajin bodies around them.

Isaiah looks again to Corban. “Corban, Issac, FUK-U: take the ship and give us air support. Jimmy and I will handle the situation on the ground.”

Issac interjects: “But Isai-“

Isaiah interrupts: “I wasn’t asking. Please, go.”

Issac nods reluctantly as he, Corban, and FUK-U race onto the Defiant. The AI has already begun take-off procedures – the ship’s jets eject smoke as the ship begins to take flight.

“I’m following you.” says Jimmy.

“Double time now, let’s go.” replies Isaiah.

With an incredible amount of force, Isaiah blasts out of the Mos Eisley hangar with Jimmy close in line. They tear up the dirt and debris-lined street, past numerous gawking on-lookers who can barely register what’s just passed them by and arrive at the outskirts of the far more densely populated residential district of the city. In the air above, some several hundred yards away, the two Tajin bombers are lighting up an unseen building yonder.

Isaiah comes to a dead-stop, holding his hand out for Jimmy to do the same. Jimmy looks to Isaiah in confusion. Isaiah whispers: “Look, no one is here.”

Jimmy looks around: Isaiah is right. For such a densely populated area, there’s not a soul in sight. A feeling of unease washes over Jimmy.

Moments later, several Tajin mercenaries, armed to the teeth, emerge from buildings on each side of the street, surrounding Isaiah and Jimmy.

Isaiah yells to them: “Explain yourselves!”

The assassins say nothing in response and begin to close on Isaiah and Jimmy’s position. Over his intercom, Isaiah gives commands to the Defiant: “AI, set course for the bombers. Disable their ships. Issac/Corban: capture some Tajin for questioning.”

“Understood Commander. Targeting the Tajin bombers. We’ll be within range momentarily.” replies the AI.

Isaiah waits a few moments until the Defiant screams overhead toward the bombers. A second later, the look on each of the Tajin mercenary’s faces turns from intimidating to intimidated. Without being able to control their actions, they each robotically take their thermal detonators out of their pouch and hold them in front of their faces.

“Last chance.” says Isaiah as the Defiant begins tearing apart one of the Tajin bombers.

The mercenaries do not budge. In fact, one manages to break through Isaiah’s control but, far before he can act, Isaiah forces the other three to detonate their bombs whose explosions rip apart the entire area in a massive plume of smoke and flame. Isaiah and Jimmy though are unharmed as a force shield Isaiah has erected deflects the myriad debris.

Isaiah nods to Jimmy and the two are off like bolts of lightning toward the battle up ahead.

In the cockpit of the Defiant, Issac, Corban, and FUK-U cheer as one of the two Tajin bombers is blown out of the sky by the Defiant’s guns. The second disengages from its target down below and fixes its aim on the Defiant. But before it can fire it’s torn apart from below not by Isaiah or Jimmy, but a ship escaping a hangar that the two bombers had been firing upon. The ship blows through the Tajin bomber’s debris and past the Defiant before it can react and out of sight into the desert.

From the ground, Isaiah and Jimmy observe the whole series of events. “What the hell was that?” Isaiah asks the AI over the intercom.

“Processing data against known ship configurations. Nothing yet, Commander. The ship has also managed to evade our sensors, my apologies.” replies the AI

“I thought you said you were the best.” says Isaiah. “I am.” replies the AI. “Or, I was built it be. It’s unknown how they’re able to remain undetected. I can confirm though they haven’t left orbit.”

“Bring us on board.” says Jimmy, frustrated that their chase was all for naught. “If it’s not us they were after, who the hell was that?”