December 30, 2019

Isaiah the Gray, Part 22 #TBTRPG

Continuing from the last Isaiah the Gray #TBTRPG story, Isaiah approaches Corban and says “Now, let’s go find this Catalyst of yours.”

Corban nods. “FUK-U: wake.”

In the corner of the cargo bay, FUK-U pops back to life, stretching in mock-interpretation of organics when they wake up. “So good to see you again, Master. You rang?”

“We’re approaching Tatooine.” says Corban. “Prepare yourself, there will be trouble.”

“Ah well, then we can finally get rid of this terrible boredom.” replies FUK-U. “I’m not a hurry-up-and-wait type droid you know.”

“All too well.” says Corban in a somewhat exasperated tone.

A spec on the horizon of deep space becomes the electric and elegant Defiant, bursting out of hyperspace and into orbit around Tatooine.

“Take us in.” says Isaiah.

The Defiant plunges through the atmosphere and hovers over Mos Eisley Spaceport a few moments while its landing credentials are verified.

Jimmy C looks out the window and notices that there seem to be more ships exiting the port than usual. The Defiant receives a quick clearance over the radio and settles gently into its designated landing zone.

Isaiah, Jimmy C, Issac, Corban, and FUK-U gather at the gangplank, ready to retract.

Isaiah turns to his companions. “We’re here to find the second catalyst location. Do not get sidetracked. Stay hidden where possible. And above all –“

An extremely loud siren goes off in FUK-U’s chest cavity. The entire group looks to the droid who looks down at his chest. Several seconds go by where everyone gives FUK-U “are you going to answer that” type looks.

“Ah. To your point, “Commander,” there are numerous well-armed personnel surrounding this ship at this time. Hiding may no longer be an option.”

“Fantastic.” says Isaiah flatly. “AI: how did they know we were coming?”

“Unknown, Commander. Perhaps taking one alive and asking would be your best course of action. On my end, I can confirm no messages were sent from this ship and our tagging system should blend perfectly with the high-end ships entering this port facility.”

Jimmy C turns to everyone: “Fuck it. Let’s rock and roll.” Jimmy hits the gangplank button which swiftly descends onto the ground below.

A barrage of blaster fire immediately erupts, smashing into the Defiant’s hull with serious precision. Isaiah steps forward but Corban puts his hand across Isaiah’s chest: “Allow me.”

Corban and FUK-U step forward: Corban easily deflecting the blaster fire harmlessly off in a million directions. FUK-U meanwhile stands bored as his shield somehow absorbs the relentless impacts of the plasma fire.

At the next break in the barrage, Corban speeds off at an incredible pace, his resplendent blue light saber drawn for battle, and collides into the first enemy sending him flying into several storage containers. Pinging between the three nearby foes, Corban cuts each down with an elegant, sophisticated ease, each stroke of his light saber a master work in its use.

FUK-U meanwhile fires a number of heat-seeking rockets which hit their targets while sending up a great plume of acrid gray smoke. “Oops!” says FUK-U “Meant to use the boom bomb, not the cloud bomb. Sorry!”

Isaiah stands at the top of the gangplank, observing his Jedi companion make quick work of the assassins which had surrounded the ship. No doubt, even though he cannot see, it’s clear as day why they call him “The Wolf”: he is a hunter, and an incredibly formidable one.

With the half-dozen foes slain, Isaiah, Jimmy C, and Issac meet Corban and FUK-U outside the Defiant. FUK-U is holding up one of their plasma rifles.

“These are not common Hutt or low-life Tatooine criminals. These rifles are Tajin in origin. Probably Jedi-hired mercenaries.” says FUK-U.

“What?” says Corban, stunned. “Jedi? Are you sure?”

“Well no.” replies FUK-U “But this make and model was sold by Czerka to the Tajin specifically as part of the Jedi Defense Force package last year. All signs point to the Jedi having hired them.”

Isaiah turns to Corban. “What do you make of this, Wolf?”

“I’m not sure.” replies Corban “It could mean many things, very few of them good. Obviously a heightened sense of caution is warranted.”

FUK-U’s monitoring alarm again begins to sound.