December 30, 2019

Isaiah the Gray, Part 20 #TBTRPG

Continuing from last week’s Isaiah the Gray #TBTRPG story, Isaiah says to the Jedi, “Do not attempt to turn me Corban for there is nothing to turn.”

Corban stands stoically. “There is nothing to turn to – the Light side is always there. If it puts you at ease, I will stay silent on the subject moving forward.”

Jimmy shakes his head. “Typical Jedi.”

The AI comes over the intercom: “Commander, Captain Issac requests to board immediately.” “Permission granted.” responds Isaiah.

Captain Issac opens the boarding hatch and enters into the loading bay. FUK-U glares at him from across the room. “Another Force user? Great. Really great.”

Captain Issac shakes his head but then looks to Corban. A look of surprise covers his face.

“AI” says Isaiah “at your discretion, please take us to the location on Corban’s chip. Maximum speed.” “Understood Commander. We’re on our way. Estimated time of arrival: 3 hours 42 minutes.

“Gentlemen” says Isaiah to Corban, Captain Issac, and FUK-U “we’ll return shortly. Please make yourselves comfortable.”

Isaiah and Jimmy C withdraw to the central planning station.

Isaiah looks to Jimmy. “What do you make of this Jimmy?”

“Things are starting to add up.” says Jimmy “But it feels like we’re missing something. Your life until several days ago was mundane to the extreme. And now we find ourselves at the center of some test from our ancestors over the very nature of the Force itself. I get how I got here – you. But how do you fit into all this? And why? It is hard to trust anyone’s perspectives because they all seem incomplete…”

Isaiah reflects for several moments. “It’s been in the back of my mind that this whole experience feels like a dream or a fantasy. But I admit the depth of what’s been conveyed to me through the Force would be impossible to feel and know in a dream, right? This all has to be real. Our trust and respect, has to be real. And if that’s true, I come to the same questions that are on your mind: Why me? Why now? And how do we get back the control of our fate? It feels as if we’ve been swept away in the tide…”

Corban and Captain Issac are seated in the loading bay. “I sense you’ve not been with them since the beginning.” says Corban “Tell me stranger, who are you?”

Captain Issac smiles. “You may remember me, Keeper. But that was ages ago, perhaps you’ve forgotten?”

The look on Corban’s face turns to shock. “Issac? But I felt you die, the Force drain from your body. How…? Why?”

Captain Issac puts his head down. “Fate really is a fickle thing, Corban old friend. It’s starting to become clear why we’re all here.” Captain Issac laughs. “We’re being played. But I really don’t mind, it’s for the best.”

“I don’t understand.” responds Corban.

“Yes you do.” answers Captain Issac. “The test of the ancient orders is real. We are living out their grand experiment. The Jedi, Sith…and the Gray.”

“That’s it!” says Corban in a mix of surprise, excitement, and almost disappointment. “That’s how you’re alive – you took the Vow. You’re a Gray, aren’t you Issac?”