December 30, 2019

Isaiah the Gray, Part 18 #TBTRPG

Continuing from last week’s Isaiah the Gray #TBTRPG story, Corban turns to Isaiah and says: “We accept, let us get on the same page.”

Corban releases the tight grip around his lightsaber as his companion, the assault droid FUK-U powers down.

Jimmy C deactivates the force-field. “Thank you.” says Isaiah “Corban, you said the Jedi had sent you here to investigate the connection between the Sith and the destruction of Cserka Headquarters on Coruscant. I’m going to save you some time: we destroyed Cserka headquarters and are responsible for the fallout. It was unintentional, hard as that may be to believe. I am being completely honest with you in the hopes we can help one another achieve our goals.”

“I see.” replies Corban “And what are your goals?”

Isaiah looks taken aback for a moment. He looks to Jimmy who assuredly nods in his direction.

Isaiah answers: “We are looking for the truth. About what happened to me, to us, and why. And most of all, I simply want to be able to choose want happens to me and not be some pawn in the game of galactic chess.”

Corban considers Isaiah’s words for several moments. “I believe you. But what happened on Coruscant? How could such a thing be unintentional? And what brought you here to Korriban?”

Jimmy interjects: “It was my fault…” but is cut-off by Isaiah who says: “We were exacting a toll. A most justified one. But the power granted to me and, by association, to Jimmy could not be controlled and the building gave way, causing the horror you witnessed. And we did not come to Korriban by choice. This spacecraft was set to auto-pilot and we awoke to find ourselves here.”

Corban, the Blind Wolf, fidgets as he thinks. “I will not press you further. Tell me, what did you find on the surface?”

“Come with me.” replies Isaiah.

The three men walk to the main AI console. Isaiah says: “AI, please construct and display the Sith Machine based on mission reports.”

“Right away, Commander. Just a moment.” responds the AI.

At the center of the room, the AI creates a holographic reproduction of the Sith Machine.

Corban patiently stands, unable to view the creation. But as soon as Isaiah touches his shoulder, Corban’s expression changes to utter shock and amazement. “It can’t be…the Catalyst?”