December 30, 2019

Isaiah the Gray, Part 17 #TBTRPG

Continuing from last week’s Isaiah the Gray #TBTRPG story, Isaiah calls out: “Jedi! Come, be sensible. We do not wish you any harm but must insist we talk face to face.”

In the cockpit of his ship Corban sits for a moment. He turns to FUK-U and says: “There is an immense source of Force potential on that ship. Proceed with caution.” FUK-U makes an R2D2-like “aw, crap” noise and says “It seems we have little choice.”

Corban and FUK-U slowly exit their ship and board the Defiant through the artificial hatch the AI created. Sensing Isaiah’s presence, Corban immediately tries to bridge a force connection with him but is forcefully rejected despite his best efforts.

Isaiah says: “There’s no need for that.” as Jimmy activates a force field, sealing Corban and FUK-U inside “Let’s talk.” Isaiah continues, “Who are you and why have you come here?”

Corban opens his mouth and begins to speak but no words come out. He realizes he’s being forcefully compelled to tell the truth. He says to Isaiah: “A rare gift, use it wisely.”

Jimmy closely scrutinizes Corban and whispers to Jimmy: “I know him. He is the Blind Wolf, one of the Jedi Masters. I have no idea why he’s here but we should not take him lightly.”

Isaiah responds to Corban: “I am certainly trying to. But I must insist you answer the questions.”

FUK-U raises its arms, ready to fire its rockets into the force field. But before anyone can react, the AI states matter-of-factly: “I’m sorry, I de-activated your weapon systems upon entry to the ship. I hope you will not take it in offense.”

Corban forcefully pushes FUK-U’s arms down and takes a deep breath, knowing he’s somehow found himself in over his head.

He says: “My name is Corban and I am a Jedi. This is my companion FUK-U. We have been sent by the council to investigate the tragedy on Coruscant. Given the uptick in Sith activity, it has been speculated that they may have been responsible for the destruction of Cserka headquarters and the resulting catastrophe on the planet’s surface. So we came to Korriban to see if they were in any way responsible.” Corban pauses a moment. “Now, in the interest of fairness, may I ask who you are and what brings you here? Despite the fact I am curiously unable to read you, I sense you are no Sith…”

Isaiah responds: “Despite it being forced, I appreciate your candor. In many ways, we are here for the same purpose. We’ve just returned from the surface so, if you’ll behave, we can discuss further without the threat of violence.”

Corban turns to FUK-U and forcefully says: “Stand down.” FUK-U complies, albeit reluctantly. Corban turns to Isaiah and says: “We accept, let us get on the same page.”