December 30, 2019

Isaiah the Gray, Part 16 #TBTRPG

Continuing from last week’s Isaiah the Gray #TBTRPG story, the AI interrupts Isaiah’s thinking: “Commander, I have detected another ship entering orbit around the planet. Coruscant in origin…likely Jedi from its registry codes. What shall we do, Commander?”

“Scan for life forms” Isaiah tells the AI.

“I am only reading one life form aboard, Commander.” replies the AI.

“AI, persuit course.” says Isaiah who activates the intercom. “Jimmy, we’ve got company.”

Isaiah and Jimmy meet on the Defiant’s battle bridge a few moments later.

Jimmy asks Isaiah: “Who is it? What did the AI detect?”

Isaiah responds: “AI says the registry codes match known Jedi configurations. But let’s find out for ourselves. AI: let’s see what this ship can do. Disable their vessel and prepare it to be boarded.”

“Yes, Commander.” replies the AI

The Defiant flies with great pace out of Korriban’s orbit and almost immediately intercepts the Jedi ship who is less than a minute from coming out of light speed.

On-board the Jedi ship is Corban, the blind Jedi. A man in his sixties, Corban is weathered for his age but carries his scars well. Next to him is his Assault Droid FUK-U.

Corban turns to his compatriot and says: “I sense that we’re being followed rather aggressively. Please look into it.”

FUK-U replies: “Connecting to navigation and sensor arrays. Ah, they’re already on us. How fun. EVASIVE MANEUVERS!”

The Jedi ship begins to fly about in random patterns in throughout Korriban’s orbit but for each move it makes, the Defiant is able to adapt and close the gap. And with an incredibly precise series of shots, the AI is able to surgically disable the Jedi ship’s engines.

Corban turns to FUK-U: “It seems as though the Force wants us to sit still this day. Prepare yourself FUK-U. We are going to be boarded.”

“Great, just when we were getting the hang of being alive.” replies FUK-U.

The defiant drills into the Jedi ship’s hull and creates a makeshift doorway for Isaiah and Jimmy who are standing, waiting on the other side.

Isaiah nods and the door opens but no one is there. Isaiah calls out: “Jedi! Come, be sensible. We do not wish you any harm but must insist we talk face to face.”