December 30, 2019

Isaiah the Gray, Part 13 #TBTRPG

Continuing from last week’s Isaiah the Gray #TBTRPG story, the First smiles: “May the Darkness be with you.”

Isaiah, Jimmy C, and Captain Issac leave the chamber without saying another word and manage to reach the Valley of the Sith without further issue. There, the three men observe that the lay-lines of Korriban have been exposed to them: the absolutely massive amount Force energy is flowing through and down the valley like a torrent of water through a gargantuan riverbed. Isaiah looks around, senses the nexus of power far off, and begins to walk down the valley.

But before he can get farther, Jimmy C stops him and says: “Isaiah. I’ve never questioned you before and I don’t intend to start now. But this…this is all bigger than me. Bigger than anyone I know, except perhaps you. I…I hope that I don’t hold you back.”

Isaiah turns to his friend and replies: “Just you is just fine, Jimmy. Let’s go.”

The three men turn and begin to follow the lay-lines down the valley. As they move, the atmosphere becomes even more Force-dense, almost like walking through water and not air. Isaiah though glides easily through, like a hawk on the winds.

The valley comes to a head at a Petra-like structure carved into the face of the rock. But instead of architecture, an unidentifiable face carved into the structure’s gate is most prominent. But, behind the face, are dozens of other souls. Their eyes gleam as if though present. As the three men approach, they all feel a living presence within the gate…within those souls.

Isaiah stands before the gate and shouts: “I carry with me the birthright of the First! You will allow us passage inside.”

The souls in the Sith Gate all respond in unison: “Fortunate you are that you speak the truth. Or joined us, you would have! Enter, and do what you must.”

Captain Issac and Jimmy C look to each other and give each other a “glad our souls aren’t in a mystical Sith gate right now” face.

Immediately inside the room is a great machine of enormous complexity, its purpose a mystery. Next to the machine is a man, his Force energy intimately entwined with the machine.

Isaiah’s eyes grow wide: “You?”

The man turns: it is the hundred-faced man, They. He speaks: “Welcome Isaiah, Jimmy, Issac. Come, there is much to discuss.”