December 30, 2019

Finding the Flow in Playing Stories

For new players, sometimes the action & happenings of the story can be hard to follow. Are we in/out of combat? Who is talking? What was just said? Is it my turn? Where are we going? etc.

You should always feel free to ask the party and GM to get you back up to speed. But it’s always good to practice how to get that information yourself!

Today’s #newbieTuesday advice is a short guide in how to reorient yourself within the story. Get traction within the proceedings so to speak.

You’re first going to want to determine whether the party is in combat. In many tabletop role playing game systems, combat is where players take turns. So you know if your fellow players are taking turns, you’re likely in combat.

Next, keep your ears out for clues on setting and characters. The conversation at the table will naturally veer toward those topics in short order. And from there, you should be able to connect that thread to where you last left off in your awareness of the story.

Oftentimes the disconnect for new players can come from not being given the proper context of both settings and characters so it’s best to start here when trying to reorient yourself!