December 29, 2019

Your Character’s Skills

We’re talking about skills on today’s #newbieTuesday post.

Skills are oftentimes what your character is best at and, in most role playing stories, define the role/utility your character plays in the overall party/group.

Think of the Fellowship in Lord of the Rings for example. Each of its nine members fights in a different style, with a different flair, while having different strengths & weaknesses in non-combat settings. Aragorn for example is both an excellent fighter in melee & ranged combat while possessing strong leadership qualities, endurance, he’s an herbalist, and an excellent tracker. Legolas meanwhile is a prodigious in ranged combat while also possessing lethal agility, perception, and Elven stamina. Whereas Gandalf possesses some magical qualities, excellent leadership and communication skills, and some of the best lore knowledge in all of Middle Earth.

Both in and out of combat, each of those characters have their roles to play. But ultimately that role is dictated by those skills.

Role playing games are pretty much the same thing. You could be a swindling, musical bard who can charm the pants off anything (literally?) or an gangster who is a better at cracking safes than Danny Ocean. But ultimately, your character and what they bring to the table, bring to the group, begin to be defined by the skills you choose for them. So choose wisely!