December 29, 2019

Your Character’s Class/Role

Today’s #newbieTuesday post surrounds the critical choice of one’s Class/Role in the role playing game story.

Your Class/Role determines what part you’re going to play in the party of other players throughout the role playing game campaign.

An obvious example is the movie Ocean’s 11 where each member of the team has an obvious role to play. Danny Ocean is the charismatic leader, Rusty is the jack-of-all-trades right-hand man. Linus is an expert scout and pickpocket. Saul could talk his way into the Presidency. Livingston is an electronics expert and Basher is an explosives expert. And so on and so forth. If the Ocean’s 11 were a RPG party, each of those individuals would have a Class (or Role, depending on the system). That Class is shorthand for the role they play.

When the party meets for the first time, oftentimes they have a discussion the class/roles folks want to play. So for new players, just know that Class = the role you play in the group and you’ll be just fine.