December 29, 2019

What it Means to Play a Role

For today’s #newbieTuesday post, I wanted to discuss a topic many of us that play role playing games take for granted: playing a role.

I’ve said this a number of times before but, as counter-intuitive as it may be, you technically do not have to “play a role” in a role playing game. You are playing a character, and that character can be yourself. But of course that character can be a near-limitless number of other things as well.

For me, the focus for a player can and should be on the character. Characters, like people in real life, oftentimes have complicated histories, colorful backgrounds, and actions/deeds that vacillate between “good” and “evil.”

How we decide what to say, what actions to take, or how to interact with others is part and parcel with our daily lives as people. So to is that true with our characters who make decisions in many of the same ways we do in our day to day.

So for those new players trying to understand some of the “how to play” basics,

StoryTogether’s advice is to focus less on the “part” you’re playing, but rather on who your character is, what makes them tic, and how they interact with others. Your words and actions as your character, the stronger you know the answers to these facts about them, will become more and more easy as time goes on and the story evolves just like any character in any story you’ve likely ever loved.

It’s a wonderful process!