December 29, 2019

We All Start Somewhere

We all start somewhere. Be it a profession, activity, art form, or anything else, at some point you take the first step. And in many if not most of those instances, taking that step requires courage. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, fear of embarrassment, lethargy, self-doubt, and many other obstacles can stand in your way.

Role playing games are no different. I hear from folks who have never played before a million reasons why they haven’t given playing stories a shot: “I’m not creative,” “The rules are too intense,” “What the heck do you mean by playing stories?” “I don’t like Fantasy” etc. etc.

If you’ve never played a story before, I invite you to take a moment to consider using some courage to give the experience a shot. You being you, liking what you like is enough!

Playing through a story with a group of friends who’ve invested in that activity is, simply put, a love affair with fun. So please, if StoryTogether can help you on that journey, whether it’s answering questions, to helping you find a system, to helping you get started with our own, please let us know.
There’s nothing we love more than folks dissolving their preconceptions about playing stories and loving the experience they get in return…