December 29, 2019

Trust in Your Friends, #TBTRPG

Today’s #tbtRPG post is a reminder to never forget your friends are there for you.

In our ongoing Edge of the Apocalypse game, Keenan’s character Gjerik is a Goliath hell-bent on avenging his parents, murdered at the hands of rather powerful vampires. Their dread lieutenant, CuSith, has stalked our group since the inception of our tale, looking to pry a blade from Gjerik’s possession.

Knowing CuSith was nearby, instead of alerting his friends who had his back and perhaps planning a trap for the vampire fiend, Keenan has Gjerik – at half-health! – went to fight CuSith alone. Somewhat predictably, he was obliterated and humiliated by the vampire in borderline hilarious yet infuriating fashion, leaving us players at the table agape at the decision-making we were witnessing.

When questioned about it afterwards Keenan simply said that that’s what Gjerik would do: make a huge mistake in succumbing to revenge. So folks, don’t be like Gjerik: trust in and lean on your friends to have your back.