December 29, 2019

The Nemesis System

Today’s #GMAdvice centers around a hot feature that’s been making the rounds, especially in video games, in the past several years: the Nemesis system.

There’s numerous incarnations of Nemesis systems of course but, at it root, a Nemesis system is one in which players are incentivized to have a rival or rivals throughout the duration of the story. And confrontations between rivals receive significant story build up & anticipation and have extra rewards & payoffs if the players are successful/victorious against their nemesis(es).

While StoryTogether can’t recommend a Nemesis for every character – simply because there are numerous character archetypes that aren’t well-suited for one – we can absolutely recommend this system, in one incarnation or another, for those characters that would make sense to have one.

It can add a tremendous depth and complexity to those characters and their experiences. The group too stands to benefit by being able to be a part of those situations.