December 29, 2019

The Lesson of King Edusa, #TBTRPG

This week’s #tbtRPG comes from a pivotal moment in our group’s understanding of our impact on the planet Oro in @Glukeose’s ongoing Edge of the Apocalypse game we’ve been playing for the past year and a half.

The early sessions of our story were marked by half-assery and selfish plodding, albeit absolutely hilarious, fun, and epic half-assery and selfish plodding. But the dice in role playing games have a funny way of reminding you what really matters.

Our group found itself between a rock and a hard place: a series of mortal, stubborn kings and their armies vs and even more stubborn dragon with their own army. As dragons tend to win these sorts of things, we sided with the dragon and, in the interest of sparing as many lives as possible, attempted to plead with the human kings to bend the knee.

One of those kings, Edusa, was ill and his son, Prince Egon met with one of our group, Orin the dwarf in his capitol of Lithos. Naturally, Egon was not willing to listen. Even so, despite our knowledge that a devastating army would be at Lithos’ doorstep soon, the group selfishly left the city with no further warning, dooming its inhabitants.

What’s worse is that later that night, King Edusa, in a fit of dementia, killed his son Egon. When he regained lucidity, striken with grief, Edusa, an incredibly powerful mage in his own right, went full black hole, his soul becoming a literal, monstrous hurricane, chaotically devastating everything in its path.

And to somehow make matters even worse, due to a missed perception check, the group was unable to prepare themselves for the storm’s onslaught. In the end, two cities, Vespa and Lithos were rubble, their inhabitants wiped out by the storm’s fury, the party’s dear companion Polema, the woman who never lost a fight, was dead, and the party was penniless, exhausted, and directionless.

We learned a great lesson that day that Luke put so well: no more half measures!