December 29, 2019

Teamwork at the Table

I want to discuss teamwork on today’s #newbieTuesday post. As with any profession or activity, teamwork is an essential building block of the process in a role playing game.

That said though, at times, the greatest drama in a story can come from two characters where you’d expect to work well together, do the opposite of what you’d think.

So our advice for new players, looking to be a part of the team and/or cause a ruckus , beyond the WWID (What Would I Do?) advice from a few week’s ago, is to air on the side of being a good team player to get your feet wet. Invest in other player’s arcs, champion the cause(s) of the team, and build positive relationships with the other players and their characters.

Because once you have that basis of trust and respect, that’s when you can truly go deep with your character and really start to plumb the depths of their various paths and decisions.